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Intercooler Repair and Maintenance


Compressed air is an essential utility in many Pittsburgh area industries, including automotive, manufacturing, food and beverage, and more. Intercoolers are devices used to cool air that a compressor has compressed. By cooling the air, intercoolers help increase the compressor’s efficiency and extend its life.

How Do I Know If My Intercooler Is Bad?

When an intercooler is not functioning properly, it can cause a significant drop in the performance of the compressor. As a result, it is essential to perform regular intercooler maintenance and have them repaired promptly if they develop any problems.

Dirty or aged intercoolers can make it seem like your compressor is working harder but producing less air. These intercoolers increase air temperature and decrease air density, resulting in reduced efficiency range or turndown. Heat and humidity can exacerbate the situation and further compromise the compressor’s capacity.

What Happens When An Intercooler Has Problems?

Ultimately, all factors create the perfect environment for a surge. This occurs when inlet flow cannot overcome discharge pressures from the compressor. Compressors that experience surges operate in a state of aerodynamic instability, which can harm machine components.

Can An Intercooler Be Repaired?

Our experienced air compressor technicians in Pittsburgh can identify any problems with your compressed air system and intercooler and provide the necessary repairs. We also offer a preventative maintenance program to help extend your intercooler’s life and keep it operating at peak efficiency.

How Often Should I Service My Air Compressor And Intercooler?

By following scheduled maintenance guidelines, FS-Compression Pittsburgh offers assistance with intercooler maintenance or replacement. We can help return your aged or fouled intercooler to its original pressure, efficiency, and capacity. At FS-Compression Pittsburgh, we have a section within the manufacturing plant dedicated to cooler repairs. This is to ensure the best quality work possible for your intercooler.

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