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We have been given the opportunity to test/run the new  ECO-Turbo Air Compressor. The first thing that comes to mind is when the unit is running it is very quiet to the point where you need to verify with the touch screen that compressor is running. We currently are running this unit 24/7 and have been running it for the last 3months this way and have had not issue at all. We are using the water cooled unit and again no issues at all keeping the unit cool and running. By the attached photo you can see that our environment is not a clean plant and with the amount of dust/dirt the unit is running/producing air daily. The touch screen is very easy to navigate – gather information from. Lastly, our company has owned Kaeser compressor similar to the ECO-Turbo UNIT/model and by far this unit is much better quality of a machine. The noise level is much less than the Kaeser units we owned previous and we have a higher output of air for the size (foot print) of the same size in the Kaeser compressors comparing a DS 240 & FS440 UNITS.

Dave Mattocks
Maintenance Supervisor
Meadville Forging Company