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Polaris+ compressors combine over 50 years of operational and design experience in an extremely reliable, energy-efficient, cost-effective package. They suit a broad range of applications, with models ranging from 250 hp to 2,600 hp in two- and three-stage configurations that deliver up to 14.9 BARG (216 psig) discharge pressure.

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Delivering the most reliable, oil-free air in the industry does not happen by chance: it is the result of a rigorous focus on quality from the inside out.

FS-Elliott is committed to building products that will exceed our customers’ high standards. At the heart of the Polaris+ compressor is a technologically advanced, yet beautifully simple, aerodynamic design that builds on the flawless reliability of our custom-engineered PAP Plus® product line.

Every unit we manufacture is subject to strict quality control at our ISO 9001-certified manufacturing facility to ensure consistent reliability from commissioning through years of demanding use.

Polaris+ compressors combine optimized aerodynamic stage matching with intercooler efficiencies to reduce power requirements. Stainless steel, 5-axis machined impellers resist corrosion leading to longer product life and provide the highest efficiency in its class. Each impeller features a backward-leaning design that can be precisely controlled to optimize both airflow and air compression. To perfect the aerodynamics of your machine, impellers are custom designed to your specific applications and site conditions.

The quality of what goes into Polaris+ compressors is essential to the quality of what comes out. A range of advanced features ensures efficient, trouble-free performance over years of demanding use.

  • R1000 Control System, featuring a 9-inch full touch-screen display, introduces several new control modes to provide increased energy efficiency.
  • Engineered coatings that deliver extended service life, reduce maintenance, and prevent corrosion.
  • Mechanically superior bearings that result in improved stability, require less oil consumption, and reduce power requirements.
  • Dual carbon ring seals keep the lubricant in the gearbox, ensuring it does not reach the compressed air stream.
  • Consolidated package upgrades, providing increased package flexibility, additional future upgrade consideration, and extended product life.
  • Advanced aerodynamic staging that reduces power consumption.
  • Simple, practical design increases reliability and decreases downtime by limiting rotating and wearing parts and accommodating quick field maintenance.

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