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Compressed Air Solutions for Power PlantsThe power plant industry produces electricity for people, businesses, and industries. To produce electricity efficiently, the stream flow, condensate, and heat exchange levels must be monitored and controlled. Many of the instruments that monitor these features incorporate quality compressed air to transfer information. Flow and level control are accomplished by air-operated valves (AOV’s), which require clean and dry compressed air. High-quality air prevents clogging of the small ports on instruments, controls, and AOV’s from debris, moisture, or oil.

Compressed air helps run the proper equipment that supports efficient productivity within the power plant. Smooth operation requires a system designed for easy on-site maintenance, with volume flows and pressure ranges tailored to the requirements of the power plant.

Compressors provide reliable operations for a wide variety of applications within a power plant. Each application brings an opportunity to reduce downtime and increase overall power efficiency.

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