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Centrifugal Airend Rebuilding in Greensboro

Airend exchange replacement is often the solution to an issue in downtime. The airend of a centrifugal compressor is responsible for compressing the air, so rebuilding it can reduce downtime and improve performance. FS-Compression’s certified engineers will complete a full inspection and engineering evaluation of your Greensboro centrifugal airend rebuild. We provide centrifugal air end services throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and parts of West Virginia.

When to Rebuild Your Centrifugal Airend

A proper maintenance program can help to overcome environmental, application, and operating condition factors. Knowing the best time to rebuild an operating airend can be determined by performing routine analysis of oil samples, bearing vibration trends, bearing temperature trends, and airend temperature rise.

Incoming air needs to be free from all contamination and chemicals. Since oil-flooded rotary compressors mix incoming air with oil during the compression cycle, oil sampling done at regular intervals helps to detect any contaminants or chemicals that are mixed with the oil and, ultimately, the air. Contaminated oil can damage the bearings and seals in the compressor air end.

Centrifugal airends lifespan factors:

Airend rebuild costs in Greensboro and surrounding areas may vary depending on the manufacturer and other variables. On average, rebuilds can cost about 50% less than a brand-new air end.

Costs to consider for rebuilds:

Airend Rebuilding Benefits

Airend rebuilding completed before a catastrophic failure, can be an economical way to extend the life of your compressor. Rebuilding your airend can reduce downtime and improve overall performance. Rebuilding your airend can also be more affordable than replacing your system for a brand new one.

Airend Rebuilding Process

Our Greensboro airend rebuilds are completed with the highest standards in the industry. There are several steps in the rebuilding process that require experienced technicians.

Airend assembly services in Greensboro, NC include:

Centrifugal Compressor Airend Service Areas

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