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Supporting the wider Mid-Atlantic region, we specialize in professional air compressor installation, service, parts, and repair.

Air Compressor Supplier Headquartered in Greensboro

We offer multiple products and services to handle your compressed air needs. From airend rebuilds to complete system installations, we will work with you to ensure operations are running at their most efficient.

We welcome you to explore our compressed air solutions or contact us today to discuss your needs.

FS Compression Mid-Atlantic

203 Aero Court
Greensboro, NC 27409

Areas We Serve

We understand that every business has unique challenges, which is precisely why we offer a personalized approach that matches you with the most suitable solutions for all your air compressor needs in the Mid-Atlantic.

When you choose FS-Compression Mid-Atlantic, you're tapping into a wealth of decades-long experience, a dedication to top-quality standards, and a dependable source of compressed air solutions. Your choice of FS-Compression Mid-Atlantic means embracing expertise, quality, and reliability all in one package.

We are currently serving Greensboro and these surrounding areas in the Mid-Atlantic:

    • Greenville, SC
    • Charleston, SC
    • Columbia, SC
    • Charlotte, NC


    • Raleigh-Durham, NC
    • Greensboro, NC
    • Richmond, VA
    • Norfolk, VA


    • Roanoke, VA

Air Compressor Services

Emergency Services

In the event of emergencies, our dedicated response team in the Mid-Atlantic region is ready to provide immediate assistance, swiftly addressing critical issues and restoring functionality in no time.


Our experts specialize in equipment installations in the Mid-Atlantic, ensuring your systems are seamlessly set up and integrated to achieve peak performance.


Our dedicated teams of skilled technicians throughout the region to provide swift and efficient repair services, ensuring your equipment is up and running in no time.

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