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Centrifugal Parts

Rotor compressor for centrifugal compressor balancing process.

At FS-Compression, we offer engineering upgrades, custom solutions, and commitment to challenges, supporting your centrifugal compressor with a comprehensive inventory of OEM-quality parts. This portfolio of robust centrifugal compressor parts follows the highest standard, carrying a collection of high speed and low speed pinions, bearings, seals, thrust collars, valves, and preventative maintenance filters and lubrication.

Along with the wide array of parts provided, FS-Compression has a Preventive Maintenance Program to minimize any unplanned downtime on your compressor and ensure you are getting the most out of your compressor. With preventative maintenance, our technicians conduct a routine check to make sure that your system is running smoothly. Replacement parts from this program include: overhaul kits, gasket kits, journal bearings, carbon ring seals, air coolers, oil coolers, oil filters, vibration monitor components, instrumentation, and more.