When time counts, you can count on FS-Compression. There’s nothing more costly than downtime. Our mission is to get your plant up and running as fast as possible, and that’s just what we do. We feature:

Air Assessments

Air leaks can cost your company thousands of dollars in wasted energy. At FS-Compression we can help you save by detecting a wide variety of leaks. The best method to detecting leaks from your compressor is through ultrasonic acoustic detection.  This system can recognize the high-frequency hissing sound associated with the air leaks and consist…

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Intercooler Repair and Maintenance

Dirty or aged intercoolers can make it seem like your compressor is working harder but producing less air.  These types of intercoolers, can increase air temperature and reduce air density in the compression stage, resulting in a reduction in the efficiency range, or turndown. Ultimately, this will decrease the flow produced. Heat and humidity can…

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Need a new or existing compressor, vacuum pump, blower, chiller or cooling water system installed, designed, upgraded or modified? We’ll work with you and your schedule to get the job done efficiently and on time. FS-Compression offers: An ability to provide a total system solution and to maintain control over the project from start to…

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Medical Air Systems

Medical air systems are compressor driven and supply various applications throughout the healthcare community. Unlike piped medical gases that are typically delivered to hospitals in cylinders, medical air is most often manufactured on-site. On-site production is the most practical and ideal method of supply because of the large volume of air that most hospitals consume….

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Control Panel Upgrades

Engineers build air compressor controls to optimize reliability and efficiency in your pneumatic machine, allowing you to easily manage your air system to further enhance system reliability and improve efficiency. No matter how many different types of brands or compressors you’re operating, we develop a common system you can trust. Air control panels help you…

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Field Services

FS-Compression has a dedicated team of certified service technicians and engineers who are all available to solve your compressor problems as efficiently and effectively as possible. Our field technicians can perform repairs with your team or FS Compression can provide a complete crew to conduct a full service. Every job carries a one-year warranty, meaning…

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Centrifugal Parts

At FS-Compression, we offer engineering upgrades, custom solutions, and commitment to challenges, supporting your centrifugal compressor with a comprehensive inventory of OEM-quality parts. This portfolio of robust centrifugal compressor parts follows the highest standard, carrying a collection of high speed and low speed pinions, bearings, seals, thrust collars, valves, and preventative maintenance filters and lubrication….

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Centrifugal Air Compressor Package Refurbishing

  Air compressor refurbishing allows previously owned pneumatic systems to become current air compressor needs, offering units and parts that suit any budget. Refurbishing a compressor is a cost-effective alternative to replacing it outright with a new model. FS-Compression will assess the state of your compressor and provide educated recommendations. If fixing your compressor is…

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Centrifugal Airend Rebuilding

When downtime becomes an issue, replacement airend exchange is often the answer. A compressor centrifugal airend is the part that compresses the air, so rebuilding the airend can lead to reduced downtime and improved performance. The exchange and rebuild process is assembled by skilled technicians and verified through a documented process that ensures the airend…

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