When time counts, you can count on FS-Compression Houston. There’s nothing more costly than downtime. Our mission is to provide air compressor repairs to get your plant running as quickly as possible. That’s just what we do. At FS-Compression, we feature:

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Compressed Air Assessments

Air leaks can cost your company thousands of dollars in wasted energy. At FS-Compression we can help you save by detecting a wide variety of leaks. The best method to detect leaks from your compressor is through ultrasonic acoustic detection.  This system can recognize the high-frequency hissing sound associated with the air leaks and consist…

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Intercooler Repair and Maintenance

Dirty or aged intercoolers can make it seem like your compressor is working harder but producing less air.  These types of intercoolers, can increase air temperature and reduce air density in the compression stage, resulting in a reduction in the efficiency range, or turndown. Ultimately, this will decrease the flow produced. Heat and humidity can…

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Air Compressor Installations in Houston

FS-Compression works with Houston area businesses to keep your air compressor systems running efficiently. Our highly experienced and skilled team will work with your team to meet any unique air compressor needs. If your Houston business needs any installations, designs, upgrades, or modifications on compressors, pumps, blowers, chillers, or water-cooling systems, FS-Compression can help. Houston…

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Medical Air Systems

  Medical air systems are compressor-driven and supply various applications throughout the healthcare community. Unlike piped medical gases that are typically delivered to hospitals in cylinders, medical air is most often manufactured on-site. On-site production is the most practical and ideal method of supply because of the large volume of air that most hospitals consume….

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R2000 Control Panel

Control Panel Upgrades

Air compressor controls are designed to optimize the reliability and efficiency of your machine. However, when you are using an older or obsolete control panel you will run into limited service support and parts availability, unpredicted downtime, and a compressor that is not operating at peak performance. At FS-Compression, we specialize in upgrading aging control…

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Field Service Support

Houston Air Compression Field Service Support

We know how important it is to keep your Houston business running as efficiently as possible. A damaged air compressor system can slow down operations. FS-Compression Houston’s team of certified service technicians and engineers are dedicated to solving your compressor problems effectively and efficiently. Houston Industrial Compressor Service Includes: Diagnostic Services Repair Support & Project…

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Centrifugal Air Compressor Service & Parts

Houston Centrifugal Air Compressor Service & Parts

At FS-Compression, we offer Houston businesses engineering upgrades, custom solutions, and centrifugal compressor support. Our knowledgeable Houston technicians will ensure optimal performance to help achieve your goals. Centrifugal Air Compressor Service FS-Compression offers a Preventative Maintenance Program to minimize unplanned downtime and maximize compressor longevity for your Houston business. Preventative maintenance means our technicians conduct routine checkups…

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Centrifugal Air Compressor Refurbishing

Houston Centrifugal Air Compressor Refurbishing

Refurbishing centrifugal compressors allow you to repair or replace old components with new parts that meet OEM specifications. FS-Compression offers a wide variety of centrifugal compressor repair services that can fix, replace, or build any part necessary. If a compressor rebuild is not an option, FS-Compression can provide high-quality and affordable parts to meet any…

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Centrifugal Airend rebuilding

Centrifugal Airend Rebuilding

When downtime becomes an issue, an airend exchange replacement is often the answer. The airend of a centrifugal compressor is responsible for compressing the air, so rebuilding it can reduce downtime and improve performance. Skilled technicians work on the centrifugal compressor airend rebuilding. It is then verified through a documentation process to ensure the rebuild…

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