The manufacturing of plastic supports several different industries, such as aerospace, construction, electronics, packaging, and transportation. According to the Plastics Industry Trade Association, the plastics industry is the third-largest in the United States. Given how large the industry is, it requires consistent and reliable equipment for constant manufacturing, while also having careful and delicate operations to ensure high-quality products, but also consistent power to constantly be manufacturing. Given these requirements, air compressors are the standard for this industry.

There are many processes that require air compressors to fulfill the integrity of the plastic industry.

  • Tool powering: Pneumatic tools along the assembly line that help construct the products are powered by air compressors.
  • Clamping: During the assembly process, there are machines that use compressed air to hold products in place. For example, bottles may need to be held securely in place to have caps screwed on. This process would take much longer without pneumatic systems.
  • Controls and actuator: Controls refer to the transportation of products from station to station. Assembly lines are able to move with efficiency and speed due to the use of air compressors.
  • Mold pressing powering: Compressed air helps with the process of melting liquid plastic into molding cavities- where the plastic dries and hardens into its required shape.
  • Injection molding: The detailed grooves, threads, sockets, and cavities often found on plastic products are created using a pneumatic system. Without air compressors, these complex shapes would take hours to make by hand.

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