Industry Requirements

With hundreds of various applications, compressed air is essential to healthcare acilities in order to ensure a safe environment for individuals of all health backgrounds.  

Clean, high-quality machinery is vital to the medical subsections that make up the industry. Not only does it benefit the staff who works there, but the procedures that are powered by compressed air can provide safe and healthy treatment to the patients. Therefore, it is essential to provide equipment that can meet the high standards of the industry.

Compressed air practices in the medical industry are vast and have many different applications. Here are a few examples:

  • Medical and Dental Instruments: Many hospital and dentistry tools are powered or cleaned by pneumatic systems. An example of this is with surgical procedures. Instruments used for drilling, puncturing, or dissecting all rely on compressed air.
  • Monitors: Compressed air can be found in medical devices that monitor vital signs to keep track of a patient’s well-being in the form of blood pressure, body temperature, heart rate, and respiration rate. Using air compressors makes the tracking process more accurate while eliminating any potential for error.
  • Respirators: Artificial respirators are powered by air compressors. Respirators are used to supply air for patients who may be undergoing surgery or more serious conditions. More than that, compressed air works with the air filtration system inside of hospitals to provide clean, dry, and pure air. In order to fulfill these requirements, it’s important for the industry to invest in high-quality pneumatic machinery to ensure sanity air for everyone.
  • Maintenance: Compressed air is used to power equipment that aid in the repair, replacement, and upkeep of hospitals and hospital supplies. This is essential because it keeps hospitals clean while ensuring that equipment remains in the highest possible quality.

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